Bill Coughlin | Scottish Highlands - Glencoe
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The Highlands are indeed one of Scotland's most precious assets. They are romantic, impressive and very, very beautiful scenery No wonder the Highlands are so famous and have been chosen as location for numerous movies including Highlander and Braveheart. One can only appreciate their beauty if they actually see them.

The Highlands are the oldest mountains in Europe, hence their look is very appropriate: old mountains bare, no forests at all but with shapes that form beautiful shadows. Even on misty or rainy days the Highlands preserve their charm but they also stirr sadness and nostalgia. Seen from an airplane or a helicopter makes you realise how massive they really are.

We drove up through the Highlands on Friday, July 4th! We were on the road for 7 hours, but it was worth every minute. There are parking areas every few miles where one can spend a few minutes and soak up the beauty. We spent some time at the visitor's center in Glencoe, then decided to head down to the fishing village/port of Glencoe.