Bill Coughlin | Edinburgh & Edinburgh Castle
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Our trip began in Philadelphia. As we had an international flight, and did not want to get stuck in Schuylkill Express traffic, we arrived at the airport 4 hours early for a 9pm flight! Flight left the gate on time, but we sat for 2 hours while they tried to fix an overheated engine. We had to switch planes, and left at 1am Tuesday. We arrived in Glascow around noon, and our son Jon picked us up and we drove the 80 minutes to Edinburgh. Of course, we wanted to take full advantage of our time in Scotland, so we went into Edinburgh to see where Jon works, and for a quick tour of the city.
Our first 'wow' view was of the Edinburgh Castle, from the parking lot across from the building where Jon works - no wonder he likes to go to work every day! We then took a walk through the beautiful Princess St. Gardens.
Building Where Jon Works